To Renato

26. ledna 2015 v 13:17 | Paja |  Irsko / Ireland
Tento článek je věnován mému nejdražšímu. Omlouvám se, ale článek bude napsán v angličtině. Taktéž se omlouvám za chyby v angličtině. Snažím se pilovat a ještě to není dokonalé. :)

To u Renato..

I've known u since november and I can say u r the best thing for me. U r gift for me and I'm so happy I share time with u here in our Cork. It was the best 2 months ever and u made days special. Full of fun and understanding to each other. Thank u fucking much chat u tought me. Yeah .. And I've never forgotten conversation classes. Lol .. But u know .. one day I'll understand properly. kkk

Your support and good mood is to important to me. U prout of me and I prout of u. U tought me many things u know that. And I try to be good studend.. but u know .. Probably I'm not open minded properly. :P Haha .. Maybe nearly it the future I'll be. kkkkkk

I've never forgotten our first trip together to Rome. For me it was pleasure .. your company, just exploring city with u, talk. It was the best. Quick desicion and suddendly let's go to Rome. I loved it! Since Rome I know we can travel everywhere and we will enjoy e lot. For me the best trip ever with u. Love u.

I remember u every single day and I believe you've never forgotten to me. I feel connection between us when we met first time. Our anniversary - Halloween. U and your red eyes. lol

Thank u for that gift - u r my gift Renatinho. So important to me and close to my heart. Some people dont understand this connection but I don't mind. I know what I feel. ♥

My last days with u were the best but the other side so difficult because I knew u will leave. But I enjoyed as much as possible. Thank u!

Our goodbye means see u soon! Because I want to go to Brasil and stay here with u. U can show me your country and we will have a lot of fun together!

And don't forget I'll show u my Prague, my city. It's next stop in Europe.

Love u and I miss u every day what u left Cork. U can't imagine how much my love. I try find way to go on but it's so difficult. But keep in touch it' heps me a lot.

Thank u fucking much my dear! I will follow my dreams and we will meet again! Soon! Eu amo voce Renatinho. I don't have words to say how important u r. But I know u know it. My buddy can't wait future by your side... ♥

Saudades meu Renatinho. Eu amo voce. So fucking much. Kisses ♥

Our the best pic ♥

Vaticano, Italy, December 2014

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